About Patents Rock

About Iain Russell

Thanks very much for checking out Patents Rock.  My name’s Iain Russell.  I’m a UK and European Patent Attorney, a European Design Attorney and a lover of all things music.

Why Patents Rock?

Patents Rock was born out of my passion in music and my career as a Patent Attorney.  We’ll look at some amazing patents and other forms of intellectual property in the ‘music’ space.  We’ll see patents for some of the world’s most iconic and unusual musical instruments, patents for classic and cutting-edge Hi-Fi products, registered designs for user interfaces many will interact with on a daily basis, trademarks protecting the most valuable brands in the business, and much more.

I’ve played in all sorts of different bands over almost 20 years now.  They’ve pretty much all been rock bands; hence the focus of Patents Rock.  There’s been Beatles-inspired indie, ska punk, electro-punk, singer-songwriter, piano rock (think Einaudi with distorted guitars!) and much more.  Having spent countless hours buying, selling, researching and playing instruments and related equipment, I’m keen to explore the some of the patents behind them.

Music production is also a big thing for me.  I’ve moved on from four-track cassette recording to having a basic, but workable DAW set-up.

I also spend a lot of time listening to music, both ‘on-the-go’ and in front of the HiFi.  I recently acquired a vintage gramophone with a built-in soundbox, so I’m having great fun playing with that too.

Important Notes

Nothing on this website constitutes legal advice in any way whatsoever.  I’ll often refer to ‘patents’ but you should take this term more generally to cover (granted) patents, patent applications, registered designs, trade marks and the like; also, just because I refer to a patent, it doesn’t mean that there’s something still in force (it might have already expired).

Please also note that nothing on this website should be considered to constitute an endorsement of any of the featured products/companies/patents.

If you have any questions on the content or have any other queries, please contact me – I’d genuinely love to hear from you.


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