Rockin’ Patent Application – Zylia Spoka Z Ograziczona Odpowiedzialnoscia’s “Method of Encoding, Method of Decoding, Encoder and Decoder of an Audio Signal”


Figure 5 of the patent application shows “a distribution of trajectories’ segments over frames”.

  • Rockin’ Patent Application: International Patent Application No. PCT/IB2016/050222
  • Filing Date: 18 January 2016
  • In the name of: Zylia Spoka Z Ograziczona Odpowiedzialnoscia
  • Title: Method of Encoding, Method of Decoding, Encoder and Decoder of an Audio Signal
  • What’s claimed: “An audio signal encoding method comprising the steps of: collecting the audio signal samples, determining sinusoidal components in subsequent frames, estimation of amplitudes and frequencies of the components for each frame, merging thus obtained pairs into sinusoidal trajectories, splitting particular trajectories into segments, transforming particular trajectories to the frequency domain by means of a digital transform performed on segments longer than the frame duration, quantization and selection of transform coefficients in the segments, entropy encoding, outputting the quantized coefficients as output data, characterized in that the length of the segments into which each trajectory is split is individually adjusted in time for each trajectory.”
  • Why this patent application rocks: This rockin’ patent application relates to encoding and decoding an audio signal by decomposing the signal into sinusoidal trajectories and splitting each trajectory into segments whose length varies over time. This patent application appears to relate to Zylia’s “Portable Recording Studio” which, according to Zylia, allows multi-track recording and separation of individual instruments (see here).
  • Here’s a promotional video of Zylia’s Portable Recording Studio:

Post by Alex Crick, Patent Scientist, EIP


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