Rockin’ Registered Design – Lola Gielen’s “Electronic Musical Instruments” (1/5)


  • Rockin’ Registered Design: EU Registered Design No. 003419472-0001
  • Filed: 14 October 2016
  • In the name of: Lola Gielen
  • Indication of Product: Electronic Musical Instruments
  • Why this registered design rocks:
    • This registered design relates to the visual appearance of an electronic musical instrument (rather than how it works).
    • This registered design appears to relate to the base part of Lola Gielen’s Neo musical instrument and is part of a multiple design application relating to various different components of Neo (see hereherehere, here and here).
    • According to the Lola Gielen website: “It takes years of hard work to master an instrument. I love making music, but nobody else enjoys it when I make music. I tried to master the accordion, which made me realize just a lot of practice is not enough. You also need some talent. So after years of fruitless effort to become a musician, I almost gave up. But then I decided instead of trying to master an instrument, I would make an instrument that needed neither years of practice nor any talent to play. So whether you have no musical talent, no time, or you just want to get a taste of playing an instrument, Neo will make it simple. Music is a sensory experience, while playing a traditional instrument sound is directly influenced by touch. This is often lost in digital instruments. Even though Neo is a digital instrument, your touch will still influence the sound. Neo’s base is a circular matrix. On the rows of Neo’s base you can put down marbles and the Neo loops over them as pins on a barrel organ. Next to the base there is a collection of external sensory modules that influence the sound, the speed of the loop or make their own sounds. For Neo you don’t need rhythm, perfect pitch or years of practice, Just play”.
    • Here’s a video showing Neo in action:

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