Rockin’ Registered Design – Mymanu’s “Earphones”


  • Rockin’ Registered Design: EU Registered Design No. 003124577-0001
  • Filed: 15 March 2016
  • In the name of: Mymanu
  • Indication of Product: Earphones
  • Why this registered design rocks:
    • This registered design relates to the visual appearance of an earphone (rather than how it works).
    • Various different views of the earphone are shown at the link above.
    • This registered design appears to relate to Mymanu’s CLIK earphones which, according to their Kickstarter page here, are “[t]he world’s first proven truly wireless earbuds that translates your voice in real-time with advanced audio quality”.

Post by Alex Crick, Patent Scientist, EIP


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