Rockin’ Patent – Walter Medeiros’s “Guitar Having A Compartment To Ergonomically Hold Portable Computing Devices”


Figure 7 of this patent “shows the electronic [bass] guitar with the compartment of the present invention thereon in an open position used by a [bass] guitar player”

  • Rockin’ Patent: US Patent No. 9,318,080
  • Filed: 11 February 2015
  • In the name of: Walter Medeiros (inventor)
  • Title: Guitar Having A Compartment To Ergonomically Hold Portable Computing Devices
  • What’s claimed: “An electric guitar having a compartment for receiving a portable computing device having a touchscreen monitor comprising: a. a neck and a body; b. a compartment being embedded in the body of said guitar, said compartment sized to receive said portable computing device plus a built-in recharger and an adaptor; c. a compartment-cover being pivotally and rotatably connected to said compartment; d. said cover having a touchscreen monitor, said touchscreen monitor being connected to a micro-processor to receive an electric signal from said guitar; the micro-processor processes and changes said electric signal; and e. a receiving means to receive said adaptor, whereby the position of said cover is adjusted to view and control the touchscreen monitor”.
  • Why this patent rocks: It relates to making it easier to use a portable computing device (e.g. a smartphone) with a guitar.  Unfortunately, I’m not sure Figure 7 of the patent (see above) shows us bassists as the cool people we are 🙂
    • As explained in the patent: “[t]here are devices such as a smartphone that can be used in connection with a guitar to turn it into a mobile multi-effect processor and recording studio/editing suite. They offer digital versions of analog amp, effects and recording gear and can give incredibly realistic amp tones and effects, full recording processing and editing capabilities, all in a mobile app. Such devices basically include everything a performer needs and provides access to a wide variety of tones and effects and a range of features such as a speaker and a microphone, all in one device. The user can move freely without being worried about losing wire connections.  Therefore, a need exists to use such mobile computer devices along with musical instruments. In order to achieve this, the device must be mounted on the instrument in a place, where the user has easy access to all the control buttons and the touch screen, in order to adjust these apps and other controls, such as volume and tone. Although such devices have been used along with musical instruments, their use has been limited. This is due to the difficulty in installing them on a musical instrument in a manner that they can be easily used when needed and then kept hidden when not used, in order to keep the original look of the instrument”.
    • The solution, as described in the patent: “is an electronic guitar having a built-in compartment to receive a portable computing device, such as a smart phone. [The] compartment is cut into the body of the electronic guitar and has a cover to receive a portable computing device. [The] housing [has] a length, a width and a height to fit a computing device and its related electronic accessories. [The] housing is fitted on the body of the guitar. The portable computing device is mounted on a case attached to the inner side of [the] cover. By opening the cover, the computing device can be easily viewed by the guitar player. This allows the player to easily access the device and change the settings to obtain a desirable sound. By closing the cover, the system will be hidden. The outer surface of the cover is the same as that of the instrument, so that in closed position, the instrument appears as its original look. Whenever the cover is in the closed position it comes in contact with the outer surface of the body of the electronic guitar and, thereby aligned flush with the housing so that no noticeable edge is obvious”.
    • The patent seems to relate to the Smart Guitar product – see here.  According to the Smart Guitar website, the Smart Guitar “is a guitar with an on-board effects system that is accessed by placing the user’s phone inside the secured pocket, while they play. No need to carry around all those effects pedals anymore; the Smart Guitar puts limitless combinations of  sounds and effects at your fingertips”.
    • This appears to be a video of the Smart Guitar in action…

Post by Iain Russell, Patent and Design Attorney, EIP


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