Rockin’ Patent – Louis Woeste’s “Myriad Reflector”

Patents Rock - Myriad Reflector

  • Rockin’ Patent: US Patent No. 1,214,863
  • Filed: 12 February 1916
  • In the name of: Louis Woeste
  • Title: Myriad Reflector
  • What’s claimed: “A myriad reflector comprising mirrors mounted to form a polyhedron bounded by a convex system of plane faces in combination with means for suspending the device so that it may be swung and rotated simultaneously to produce myriad reflections when light rays from an extraneous source are thrown thereon.”
  • Why this patent rocks:
    • This appears to be the first patent for the disco ball (also known as the mirror ball or glitter ball).
    • The patent describes the object of the invention as follows: “[t]he object of my invention is to produce a myriad reflector comprising a plurality of reflecting surfaces, the same to be arranged in such a manner that the several reflections shall be projected at varying angles, the device itself being arranged so that it may be rotated or otherwise moved so that the reflections may spectacular effect”.
    • I have seen suggestions (here and here) that something similar to Woeste’s disco ball was documented back in 1897; before the filing date of this patent.

Post by Iain Russell, Patent and Design Attorney, EIP



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