Rockin’ Patent – Harman International Industries, Inc’s “Cart Assembly”


  • Rockin’ Patent: US Patent No. 9,319,763
  • Filed: 9 April 2014
  • In the name of: Harman International Industries, Inc (Assignee)
  • Title: Cart Assembly 
  • What’s claimed: “A cart assembly comprising: a first base and a second base that are laterally spaced apart from each other to collectively support at least one loudspeaker cabinet; a subframe extending between the first base and the second base; at least two wheels mounted to each base; a support extending from each base away from the at least two wheels; and a locking mechanism coupled to the support to selectively engage the loudspeaker cabinet, the locking mechanism being mounted for translation relative to the support between an engaged position and a released position”.
  • Why this patent rocks:
    • This patent relates to transporting a line array of loudspeakers (see Wikipedia page on line arrays here).  This patent explains that: “[a] line array of speakers is a group of often similarly sized speakers positioned adjacent to one another to optimize a sound level output over a larger coverage area. Line array speaker systems are often used in large venues, such as auditoriums and concert halls, where high sound level is projected over a wide coverage area”.
    • The patent describes a problem with existing loudspeaker transportation systems: “[e]xisting systems are known for transporting speakers to a venue then assembling the speakers into line arrays; suspending the line arrays; and then adjusting individual speakers in the line array to a desired configuration”.
    • In accordance with the invention described in this patent: “the cart assembly allows for the loudspeakers to be preassembled into line arrays, and then transported to the venue where the line arrays are suspended or stacked and adjusted to a desired configuration. Such preassembly of the line arrays reduces the amount of setup time at a venue, as compared to existing methods”.
    • The example claim above from this patent seems to focus on the locking mechanism of the cart assembly.

Post by Iain Russell, Patent and Design Attorney, EIP


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