Rockin’ Patent – Thomas G. Lieber’s “Body For Bass Guitar”



  • Rockin’ Patent: US Patent No. 4,161,130
  • Filed: 23 November 1977
  • In the name of: Thomas G. Lieber (inventor)
  • Title: Body For Bass Guitar
  • What’s claimed: “In a bass guitar, the improvement comprising a single piece bowl-shaped body constructed of graphite in a continuous layer of substantially uniform thickness, the body having a waist portion separating a smaller upper bowl portion from a larger lower bowl portion, the lower bowl portion having a circular bout and substantially greater depth than the upper bowl portion, with the sides of the body being perpendicular to the top along the front side and the waist area of the bass side, and with all other surfaces curving downwardly to meet the bottom in a continuously smooth surface.”
  • Why this patent rocks: As a bassist myself, it’s nice to see a patent specifically concerned with bass guitars.  Interestingly, the patent states that the invention relates to “four or eight string bass guitars”.  The objects of the invention are explained in the patent as:
    • “[achieving] improved resonance in bass guitars by means of an improved bowl-shaped body defining a large interior air space disposed next to a substantially smaller air space”;
    • “[providing] a bass guitar which can be comfortably held as it is being played”; and
    • “[providing] a bowl-shaped body which can be used with either acoustic or amplified bass guitars to achieve improved resonance and playability”.

Post by Iain Russell, Patent and Design Attorney, EIP


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