Rockin’ Patent (Application) – Paula Abdul’s “Dynamic Microphone Support Apparatus”

  • US12024976Rockin’ Patent (Application): US Patent Application No. 12/024,976
  • Filed: 1 February 2008
  • In the name of: Paula Abdul (inventor)
  • Title: Dynamic Microphone Support Apparatus
  • What’s claimed: “An apparatus comprising: a base having a concave-shaped bottom portion that is positional on a surface; a compartment in the base that stores an adhesive material; a base cover that is positioned over the base and covers the compartment such that weight of a user positioned on the base cover applied in a direction causes the base to tilt with respect to the surface in the direction; and a rod member having a first end, a second end, and a middle portion, the first end being positioned through an opening in the base cover into the adhesive material in the compartment such that the rod member is immovable with respect to the base, the second end configured to receive a microphone apparatus, and the middle portion configured to connect the first end and the second end.”
  • Why this patent (application) rocks: Note that the inventor named on this patent application is none other than the celebrity Paula Abdul (Wikipedia page here). This patent application is another one with a fantastic Figure (see above). As the patent application explains, “[a] dynamic microphone support apparatus is provided. The dynamic microphone support apparatus allows a user to move a microphone support, e.g., a microphone stand, in conjunction with talking or singing into a microphone. Further, the microphone stand can be moved seamlessly in a fashion that is not difficult for a large number of users of varying ages and physical strengths. In addition, the dynamic microphone support apparatus eliminates the safety hazards that are seen with a static microphone support apparatus”.

Post by Iain Russell, Patent and Design Attorney, EIP.


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