Rockin’ Patent – Samuel V. Lippman’s “Musical Toy”

  • Musical ToyRockin’ Patent: US Patent No. 2,508,831
  • Filed: 6 May 1947
  • In the name of: Samuel V. Lippman
  • Title: Musical Toy
  • What’s claimed: “An air-trapping, compressing and air expelling device for projecting and directing air streams into a user’s open mouth comprising, in combination, a unit in the form of a hand-sized concavo-convex body, said body having a marginally arranged restricted air discharge orifice, and an air-trapping cover unit including a compressing and expelling member of such a size and shape that its marginal edge portions make air-tight contact with corresponding marginal edge portions of said body when superposed upon the concave side thereof so as to cause said cover unit to lid over and forcibly expel from the body through said orifice air trapped by the engagement of the two units.”
  • Why this patent rocks: As with some of the previous rockin’ patents we’ve seen, this one has a fantastic Figure (above). The invention itself relates to a musical toy which forcibly projects compressed air into a performer’s mouth to produce musical tones. “Then,” as Mr Lippman concludes, “and according to the skill of maneuverability of the mouth by the performer, he is able, using my “hand pump,” to make music in a novel fashion.”

Post by Alex Crick, Patent Scientist, EIP


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