Rockin’ Patent – Ruth Thew’s “Device for Teaching Music”

  • US510302Rockin’ Patent: US Patent No. 510,302
  • Filed: 16 January 1893
  • In the name of: Ruth Thew
  • Title: Device for Teaching Music
  • What’s claimed: “In a device of the class described, the combination with independent horizontal rods representing lines, of signs or characters provided with suspending ears to engage the rods, such ears being arranged at different points upon the signs or characters to sustain the latter upon or between the rods according to the ear which is engaged therewith, substantially as specified.”
  • Why this patent rocks: This rockin’ patent relates to an adjustable device for teaching music, particularly to school children. A series of rods represent the musical stave, and detachable and movable characters represent the notes, clefs, time signatures, rests, etc.

Post by Alex Crick, Patent Scientist, EIP


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