Rockin’ Patent – Jacob H. Millstein’s “Combination Candy-Filled Musical Toy and Bank”

  • candy-pianoRockin’ Patent: US Patent No. 2,529,661
  • Filed: 20 January 1948
  • In the name of: Jacob H. Millstein
  • Title: Combination Candy-Filled Musical Toy and Bank
  • What’s claimed: “A combination candy-filled musical toy and bank comprising a flat receptacle simulating a piano in top plan, said receptacle having bottom, side and top walls, a partition Wall rising from the bottom wall and terminating in spaced relation to the top wall forming two compartments in the receptacle, said bottom wall projecting outwardly of the receptacle at one side thereof and carrying an upstanding wall at its outer edge with a series of openings therein, parallel ribs rising from the outwardly projecting portion of the bottom wall with each of said openings between an adjacent pair of ribs and said ribs extending inwardly of the receptacle to the partition wall to form a musical instrument of the type known as Pipes of Pan, said top wall outwardly of the receptacle at carrying a cover member spaced therefrom and engaged with the upper edges of the partition wall and ribs, and the side wall having an opening therein communicating with the compartment spaced from the musical instrument.”
  • Why this patent rocks: This invention relates to a musical instrument resembling panpipes (or “Pipes of Pan”), which is shaped like a miniature piano and is also used for storing candy. As musical-instrument-candy-storage-combinations go, this is certainly a rockin’ patent.

Post by Alex Crick, Patent Scientist, EIP


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