Rockin’ Patent – Harold T. Kingsley’s “Mechanical Toy”

  • trombone_manRockin’ Patent: US Patent No. 1,571,674
  • Filed: 16 March 1922
  • In the name of: Harold T. Kingsley
  • Title: Mechanical Toy
  • What’s claimed: “In combination, a toy person, having encased therein a bellows, a cylinder and a valve housing, said housing containing a plurality of air chambers having reed blocks and valves for operating the same, spring mechanisms adapted to operate said bellows for forcing air into said housing and valves and to operate said cylinder and operating arms connecting said cylinder and valves, adapted on movement of said cylinder to regulate the opening and closing of said valves.”
  • Why this patent rocks:
    • As with some of the previous rockin’ patents we’ve seen, this one has a fantastic Figure (above). The invention itself relates to a musical toy resembling a trombone player (including a movable arm and slide), with a wind-up mechanism and internal bellows to allow music to emanate from the trombone.
    • I particularly like the way the foot-tapping action indicated by reference sign 69 above is described in the patent: “The rod or arm 51 attached to one of the rocker arms 45 is connected through the V shaped rod or arm 64 to a wire or other similar connection 65 and leading over the rollers 66 and 67 secured within the body of the musician to a connection 68 on the foot 69 of the musician.  The foot 69 is pivoted to the block 5 as at 70 so that reciprocation of the rocker arm 45 caused by the projections 43 will cause reciprocating movement through the arms or rods 51 and 64 and the wire 65 to the foot 69 causing the foot to be raised and lowered as shown in Fig. 1, the weight of the foot allowing downward movement thereof when the upward pressure of the wire 65 is released”.

Post by Alex Crick, Patent Scientist, EIP


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