Rockin’ Patent – James C. Ward’s “Sounding Toy”

  • couples-hornRockin’ Patent: US Patent No. 1,526,030
  • Filed: 9 June 1924
  • In the name of: James C. Ward
  • Title: Sounding Toy
  • What’s claimed: “A sounding toy, comprising a mouth plate adapted to fit over the mouth of a person using the same and having a slot and an air passage terminating at one end adjacent one lateral edge of said slot and at its other end having a tubular extension, and a flexible tube at one end engaging said tubular extension and at its other end provided with a mouth piece for another person using the device.”
  • Why this patent rocks: This invention relates to a tubular musical instrument playable by two people. The first person blows air into one end of the tube. The second person receives the opposing end of the tube in his/her open mouth, which acts as a cavity. Changing the shape of the cavity produces different musical notes. If anyone needs a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift…

Post by Alex Crick, Patent Scientist, EIP


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