Rockin’ Patent – Aurion V. Chevers’ “Musical Instrument Or Vocal Flute”

  • US1228532Rockin’ Patent: US Patent No. 1,228,532
  • Filed: 24 February 1916
  • In the name of: Aurion V. Chevers (inventor)
  • Title: Musical Instrument Or Vocal Flute
  • What’s claimed: “A vocal flute constructed in a single piece from rubber, porcelain or the like in the form of a curved tubular stem with an enlargement at the top adapted to fit against the player’s nostrils to receive a current or air therefrom and with its walls contracted to form a slit-like orifice at the bottom for directing the air across the operator’s lips whereby the vocal cavity acts as a resonator.”
  • Why this patent rocks: The instrument described in this patent does not bear much resemblance to earlier instruments, or indeed later ones. According to the patent “[t]the pipe is very easily manipulated to adapt the mouth to act as a variable resonator and the effect produced is exceptionally pleasing and harmonious, very closely simulating the soft notes of a flute or other reed instrument”.

Guest post by Alex Crick, Patent Scientist and nose flute enthusiast, EIP


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