Rockin’ (Design) Patent – Garrett J. Couchois’ “Design For A Whistle”


  • 31876Rockin’ (Design) Patent: US Design Patent No. 31876
  • Filed: 21 October 1899
  • In the name of: Garrett J. Couchois (inventor)
  • Title: Design For A Whistle
  • What’s claimed: “The design for a whistle as herein shown and described”.
  • Why this (design) patent rocks: like this earlier Rockin’ Patent, this design patent relates to a nose flute, but the mouthpiece is cylindrical and the nose cap more closely resembles that of modern nose flutes.  This design patent was bought by the proprietors of a well-known nose flute brand, Humanatone.  Note that this is a design patent rather than a utility patent and hence products the visual appearance of the depicted product rather than the way it works as such.

Guest post by Alex Crick, Patent Scientist and nose flute enthusiast, EIP



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