Rockin’ Patent – W. Carter’s “Musical Instrument”

  • us477167Rockin’ Patent: US Patent No. 477,167
  • Filed: 19 November 1891
  • In the name of: William Carter (inventor)
  • Title: Musical Instrument
  • What’s claimed: “A nasalette or musical instrument provided with a nose cap or hood adapted to form a receiver for air blown through the nostrils, a duct for deflecting such air downward from said receiver, and a tubular mouthpiece connected with said duct below and provided with a sounding strip or device for the air expelled from the hood-shaped receiver and through the mouthpiece, substantially as specified”.
  • Why this patent rocks: possibly the first recorded example of a modern nose flute (also known as a nose whistle), made of metal.  The player’s hairstyle is also pretty cool.

Guest post by Alex Crick, Patent Scientist and nose flute enthusiast, EIP


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