Rockin’ Patent – G. C. Haium’s “Musical Instrument”

  • US 2,033,826Rockin’ Patent: US Patent No. 2,033,826
  • Filed: 11 October 1934
  • In the name of: G. C. Haium
  • Title: Musical Instrument
  • What’s claimed: “In a structural assemblage of the class described, a hollow vibratory support constituting a combined base and tone resonating device, said base being provided on one side with a tone hole, on the other side with a foot opening for the reception of the foot of the user, and in its top with a pin reception and retention hole, and a complemental stringed musical instrument designed for humorous, stage and public entertainment purposes, said instrument including a vibratory string equipped body having a shoulder rest at its upper end, and provided at its opposite end with an anchoring pin removably insertable in said retention hole”.
  • Why this patent rocks: where do I start with this instrument comprising a pitchfork, string, resonator drum and cigar box amplifying unit?  If you only ever read one patent, please make it this one.

Post by Iain Russell, Patent and Design Attorney, EIP


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