Rockin’ Trademark – Fender’s Guitar Head

  • 1148869Rockin’ Trademark: US Trademark Registration No. 1148869
  • Filed: 3 December 1975
  • In the name of: Fender Musical Instruments Corporation
  • Description of mark: “The mark consists of the profile or outline of the head of an electric guitar or electric bass guitar”.
  • Disclaimer: “Applicant hereby disclaims the straight portion of the head profile apart from the mark as shown, such straight portion being, in the illustrated head profile of a conventional right-handed guitar, the inclined straight edge shown at the left”.
  • Why this trademark rocks: it shows that trademarks aren’t just available for names, logos and slogans; they’re also available for shapes that can serve to indicate the origin of goods/services too.

Guest post by Sharon Daboul, Trademark Attorney, EIP


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