Rockin’ (Design) Patent – Kraftwerk’s “Electronic Percussion Musical Instrument”

  • USD244,717Rockin’ (Design) Patent: US Design Patent No. 244,717
  • Filed: 10 July 1975
  • In the name of: Florian Schneider and Ralf Hütter of Kraftwerk fame
  • Title: Electronic Percussion Musical Instrument
  • What’s claimed: “The ornamental design for an electronic percussion musical instrument, substantially as shown”
  • Why this (design) patent rocks: First of all, this is a ‘design patent’ rather than a ‘utility patent’.  What’s referred to as a ‘design patent’ in the US is often called a ‘registered design’ in other countries.  Design patents (or registered designs) protect the way things look rather then how they work.  This can be seen from what’s claimed; an ornamental design rather than functionality of the instrument as such.  Oh, and the Kraftwerk connection is pretty cool too of course

Post by Iain Russell, Patent and Design Attorney, EIP


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