Rockin’ Patent – Theremin’s “Method Of And Apparatus For The Generation Of Sounds”

  • US1661058 - Figure 1Rockin’ Patent: US Patent No. US 1,661,058
  • Filed: 5 December 1925
  • In the name of: Leo Theremin (Inventor)
  • Title: Method Of And Apparatus For The Generation Of Sounds
  • What’s claimed: “A tone generating system controlled by the hand and comprising an electrical circuit embodying an oscillation generator, means in said circuit including a conductor having a field which when influenced by a hand moving therein will vary the resonant frequency of said circuit according to the movement of said hand only, and a sound reproducer connected with said circuit for emitting tones according to the electrical variations occurring in the circuit”.
  • Why this patent rocks: The patent emphasises how this instrument differs from “ordinary musical instruments” in that “[t]he operator’s hands, or the objects moved by him are not required to make physical contact with the instrument”, i.e. you don’t have to touch it to play it.  The patent also states that “it is capable of producing clear and pure musical tones in realistic imitation of a known musical instrument, such as the violin”.

Post by Iain Russell, Patent and Design Attorney, EIP


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