Rockin’ Patent – Martin B. Cohen’s “Percussion Instrument”

  • US 3,439,572Rockin’ Patent: US Patent No. 3,439,572
  • Filed: 14 April 1967
  • Inventor: Martin B. Cohen
  • Title: Percussion Instrument
  • What’s claimed: “A percussion instrument comprising, a sound chamber, having a cavity with at least one open portion, support means secured to said chamber within said cavity, a plurality of spaced-apart elements slidably coupled to said support means and adapted to strike at least one wall of said chamber, and a vibratory rod member secured to, and external of said sound chamber, and having a hand grip along its length, for imparting sustained vibrations to said chamber”.
  • Why this patent rocks: Before I read this patent, I had no idea that the ‘vibraslap‘ is “for simulating the sound of a natural animal jawbone”.

Post by Iain Russell, Patent and Design Attorney, EIP


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